Let Us Take You on a Fun-Filled Tour Off-Road!

Experience one of the most exciting rides of your life when you book a tour with us! We will make sure you enjoy your desert tour.

The VanOstrands

Brothers Scott and Craig, together with their wives, started Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez. Erin and Kristi, along with Scott and Craig's mom, Judy, really run the business. The women of the family rule!

Scott VanOstrand

Scott has been riding since he was 3 years old—either off-road and now on his Harley—for the fun of it all. The outdoors and the fresh air are his simple joys in life. He lives locally with his wife, Erin, and two children.

Craig VanOstrand

Craig has been riding since he was 7 years old. He enjoys giving people the best desert experience as he will be your tour guide. He has a wife named Kristi and has five children. They live within the direct community that we operate out of.

VanOstrand Family
Craig The Guide

Bandit Craig

Craig will be your tour guide to offer you a fun and awesome desert experience. Whether you are an experienced rider or a beginner, he will always make sure that your tour is personalized for you and your group. He will make you feel part of the family. Craig also has a co-bandit to make sure all riders are safe.

Commonly Asked Questions

Drivers must be 18 years of age in order to be in the hot seat to drive the Honda ATV/UTV. However, riders can be of any age.

Of course! There will always be time to stop and take in the beautiful Mojave Desert.

It all depends on the time of year you plan on riding in the Mojave Desert as we ride all year long. During summer, you must dress according to the heat as the temperatures can reach 100+.

Also, remember that you will be driving and moving along in the Honda Talons. During winter, which does not really last that long, temperatures can get into the low 30s.

It can snow sometimes so please dress warm. However, we do provide jackets and gloves. Our team at Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez is happy to answer all of your questions on this.

There is a bathroom at the Idle Spurs Tavern, which is where the tour begins and ends. Our guide, Bandit Craig, always has toilet paper.

No, you do not. However, we have helmets should you need one on your tour while driving in the Mojave Desert. Also, we provide goggles and face masks, which we highly recommend. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about this.

Yes. The Honda Talons have a glove box. Also, you can always leave your items in the shuttle van.