About us- utv

Honda Talon 4 seater along with the Honda Talon 2 seaters.

The VanOstrand's

Scott and his brother, Craig along with their wives started Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez. Scott has been riding since about 3 years old either off road or now on his Harley, yes for the fun of it all. His love for the outdoors and fresh air is one of his joys. He has a wife, Erin and two children and lives locally. Craig has been riding since about 7 years old. He enjoys giving people the best desert experience as he will be your tour guide. He has a wife, Kristi and 5 children and lives within the direct community that we operate out of. Erin and Kristi along with Scott and Craig's mom, Judy all really run the business. The women of the family rule!!

Craig, the Bandit

Craig, the Bandit. Awesome tour guide!

Craig will be your tour guide and offer you a fun and awesome desert experience. Whether you are an experienced  rider or a beginner, Craig will always make sure that your tour is designed to you and/or your group and make you feel part of the family. Craig also has a co-bandit to make sure all riders are safe in the utv.

Craig is ready to meet you and ride.