Looking for Something Fun

to Do in VEGAS?

Come Ride Off-Road With Us!


Enjoy Riding Off-Road With Our Family

Visit the Mojave Desert in Sandy Valley, Nevada for an off-road tour with us! At Vegas Dirt Banditz Adventurez, we have many 2-seaters and a 4-seater Honda Talon 1000R's that you get to drive. Apart from this, we are only about 45 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!

Beautiful Sites

Yes, you just might see wild horses on your side-by-side ATV/UTV adventure. In addition, there will be a lot of dirt and, of course, the desert. There are many trails. You will see all of what the Mojave Desert has to offer. Why not look for things to do while in Vegas? Come out and ride with our family!


Let’s Have Some Fun in the Mojave!

We invite you to come out and ride across the Mojave Desert in our side-by-side ATVs/UTVs. You will get dirty, have fun, and enjoy the sites that our desert has to offer.

Schedule Your Off-Road Tour With Us

Don't delay and book your tour today with our family. We look forward to hearing from you, bandit Craig awaits your arrival!